Thursday, July 10, 2008

Those crazy girls

Yes, they came back...this time not as dogs but as ???????. They had ICE bags on their heads...anything to get attention. At first Micah did not want her picture taken with the girls but she chilled out a little and got in this did Fred, which made her very mad!!! Now for my projects.Vickie K. and I made this card at a workshop a few weeks ago.

Remember this one? The bag a lope. Yes, we made these bags out of envelopes. I cut a half moon hole in the middle...filled it up with peanuts...tied a bow around the top and put a tag on it. I am still waiting to see how you used yours. I have another one I am filling up with KISSES when Joshua gets back from WalMart with them. They are great little "thank you" or "thinking of you" gifts. This project cost a whopping $1.50 to make. That is everything included, yes the nuts too, based on making 100 of them.

I worked on this card today while the girls were here visiting Micah. I had to do something to keep my sanity!!! It is simple but cute...I have massed produced this one for the Craft Fair in November.

Before I forget, this is the new colors coming out in the new Idea Book "In Color" selection. What do you thing? I am very pleased.

Ta Ta for now...thanks for visiting. Lisa

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