Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm in mourning today

NO MORE BASEBALL UNTIL NOVEMBER. Yesterday was the last game of the year for Legion Baseball. Glen Sain...that's the name of our third place in district and Conference Runner -Ups. What will I do with my time now? I realized while talking to a friend today that I use the excuse of baseball often not to get things done around the I don't have an excuse, so I guess I had better get busy finishing my hardwood, huh. I don't have cards or scrapbook pages today to share but I do have photos of the last game.

Huddle time between innings...we were winning at this point. Joshua is number 8. There is nothing more precious to a dad than when your son thinks enough of you to ask for advice on pitching...hitting...fielding.

Joshua admires his fathers baseball knowledge and this is a bonding time for them.

Joshua walking back to base after a foul ball was hit.

Coach Kellum

There is a lot of coaching that goes on at the fence here...wise council. I don't know how many times I heard, " do you know what I would do now if I were the coach?". Both dads are former coaches.

We were blessed with an unexpected guest at the Rib Crib for supper...MIMI...she brought a smile to all of our faces...she is Joshua, Micah, and Fred's big Joshua says, "She's the only one I will ever have!". Mimi taught Joshua and Kyle in the Youth department at Church.

Last but not least...I am always showing pictures of Joshua and Kyle so I thought I would end the year with pictures of their parents hanging out at the game.

The guys are talkin' baseball and the girls are talkin' mothering. It's been a great year.

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