Thursday, July 31, 2008

WOW! It works again

No, I have not been lazy...well, I mean with my blogging. My computer has been down and it has been driving me crazy. PLWC was here at 8 am to fix it for me...therefore, I am BLOGGING!

It has been an overwhelming week: working at the school, laying hardwood, volleyball games and doing ministry. I would not trade any of it for the world but I am ready for a rest. I am excited about my workshop tonight...Back to School fun. Hope to see ya here! Check out this card that Vickie K. created. Don't you love it? I do...great job Vickie!!

Here are some pictures from the Volleyball camp this week at Valley View.

She so bad wants these glasses.

I thought it was cool when a girl from Wynne joined in the we don't have a clue who she is but we probably have played against her 50 times in the last three weeks. She told us that she really wasn't black she just like to tan a lot. That broke the ice, she joined in and became one of us. You go girl!!!

Do you get the idea that these girls love the camera? Me too. See ya later with more pictures...have a blessed day.

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