Monday, July 7, 2008

Good day to all.

I pray that each of you have had a great morning...I have. My daughter and I have been hangin' out and pampering each other. I wanted to put the pixs on to show you but she would rather me I will honor her wishes.

We spent the weekend in Harrison AR, playing baseball in the Cal Ripken State Tourney. Man was it hot and I came back with raccoon eyes. We lost both games on Saturday so we came home on Sunday to watch our oldest son play too. I did have a little time to play with my stamps, well, not my stamps but my paper. I made a card about that. It was a Splitcoast project. I had a lot of fun and we will be making these in a workshop coming up. Since I am in the middle of reconstruction I am not able to hook up my Cricut machine yet, so when the project is actually finished I will show you the finished project too. These are different pictures so that you can get an idea of how it is used.

Each page has a color coordinating pocket to put cards in so that you can see if you need to make or buy another card.

Then you see in these pictures that you have a place to put each special persons birthday or anniversary down so that you don't forget them.

Most of the card organizers that I have seen have been spiral bound but was I noticed with the one that I saw was thant it limited the amount of cards that could be stored in the organizer, so I chose to use these clips instead. I have been able to put 34 cards in this one without any problem and still have room for more.

I will be having a small workshop on the 22nd of July for anyone who desires to make one of their own. The cost will be $15.00 and that will include three cards to go in the organizer. I will need to know in advance so that I can order the Designer Series Paper that is your favorite. Email me or call and let me know. Space is limited to six people only for the first workshop. If I have more that would like to have one then I will hold another workshop in August. I will also be making many of these for a Craft fair coming up in November, so I will be selling them for $20.00 and those will include six cards if you would like to buy one for someone special for a stocking stuffer.

Well off to a volleyball game at CRA...hope to hear what you think about this project.


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