Friday, July 18, 2008

YEA!!! My 100th post

On my 100th post I get to share with you what fun I had today with my buddy Deb. We went to Golden Grotto to find a formal yet weird lookin' dress for a skit that I have the privilege to be in this weekend at church. I don't think that it gets any crazier than this.

Deb got in on the action too...she said she looked like Fred Flintstones lodge buddies...I think she's cute. Then we went to Cold Water Creek and bought me some new tops, and JC Penney's, and them Build a Bear...ahhhhhh...we loved this place. I warmed the heart and rubbed it to start the heart beat...then made a wish for it and the lady placed the heart in the correct position inside the bear.

Then I gave the bear a bath and got rid of all the fuzzies and combed his hair.

Then my buddy Deb put the clothes on "Josh" the bear, after him picking out the outfit thru many text pictures...he could not be there to make it just the way he wanted for his sweetie pie girl is her we did the best we could to make the bear look like Joshua.

After all of that exhausting work we went to Barnes and Noble and read a book and relaxed. It was nice to just chill and be with a friend with no agenda...I miss my running around with friends but with gas prices the way they are who can run around anymore?

Now off to Sports Camp to do ministry. See Ya.

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Ginger said...

Congrats on your 100th post!!

Good luck with the skit'll do great!!