Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fun filled night

Last night was a blast...great attendance, the atmosphere was inviting, GREAT hamburgers, and the presence of the Lord was in the house. Last night was the closing night to a week long Sports Camp that took the place of VBS for the older kiddos grades 1-6. Sports is big in our city and that was the tool we used to get the Word of God into our families within our community. High School coaches were over their respective sport with lots of volunteers to help. A little sports time and Bible time rolled in to one. Great job servants of the Lord for doing a job well done. Here are some pictures from the Praise and Worship time...

Fred and Jed

Quentin and Ginger...she even did all of the moves with the songs along with the kids...I was very impressed.
I do not have a clue who he is talking to.

The high light of the evening was having a former MLB player, now college coach, Bill Selby to be the ending guest speaker. He was very gracious to sign autographs and take pictures with the kids.

Bill and Jed, Fred's buddy that came with him to sports camp.

Tyler H and Bill...this is one of Joshua's best friends who hung out with him last night at Sports Camp.

Bill with his son and nephew Ben...

Last, but certainly not least...Bill with his sister Lora, who is a member of our small group along with her husband, Shannon and children. Thanks Lora for sharing your brother with us.

And what an ending to a great night. Josh and Dad hangin' out. They got up early this morning...4 a.m.... to go fishing with Mike's dad in Tennessee. We won't have him around much longer so trying to take advantage of every opportunity to spend time with him since he is so love struck, a senior in High School, and ready to get to college and play big time baseball. Who knows, maybe he will play for Bill in never know.

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