Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wow, what a full day

Back to school workshop was more fun than work. Only two showed up but we had fun all the same...maybe a little too much. Check Lynn out sporting the bows we made tonight. Vickie came armed and ready to teach us a thing or two. She instructed us on how to make these bows after attending Dana Bakers Christmas in July workshop on Saturday. Aren't they cute? Can't wait to use it this Christmas.

These are the projects that we made tonight.

I also wanted to show you the variation of each card because each person had a
different idea for their card.
So I said bye bye to the girls and got on my bottom and clued in the remaining pieces of the hardwood down.

Hallelujah...It Is Finished!!!!

Tomorrow we sand down the trim and repaint. No more remodeling for a while.

I have to rest up for school...oh yeah, did I tell you that I have to sub the first two weeks of school. Who misses the first week of school? Well, whatever reason, I am sure that it is a good one. Ta Ta for now. Lisa

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Ginger said...

Looks like you three had a great time! I love the bow!! And CONGRATS on finishing the hardwood...even if it was after midnight! Love ya!